Friday, October 5, 2007

A "you-know-what" storm in CT over Plan B

Connecticut and national Catholic media has weighed in on our Bishops' decision not to adminster ovulation tests to rape vicitms in accordance with a new state law. Sounds very reasonable doesn't it, unless the failure to administer such a test could result in the death of a person. But, I digress. There have been some very interesting news reports and press statements responding to the bishop's statements last week.

Most recently, Raymond Arroyo on EWTN's show The World Over, tonight, during the opening segment commented on Connecticut's bru-ha-ha over Plan B.

And in Connecticut, the Bishops there have agreed to supply the so called "emergency contraception drug" (Raymond could barely spit it out) called Plan B to victims of rape at the State's catholic hospitals. Plan B also works as an abortafacient. Though the drug is a contraceptive and clearly violates church teaching, the Bishops justified the decision saying that the drug would not be administered if the patient's pregnancy test came back positive. The new guidelines are an attempt by catholic hospitals here to comply with state law.

Raymond followed the statement with a classic Arroyo stare into the camera as though he couldn't believe what he just reported. Then, I detected a half smirk. I froze it for HeSaid to see, and he agreed. It was a classic half smirk by Raymond Arroyo. has a scathing news report on the Bishop's statement. It is a thorough "take down," based on science and Vatican statements on Plan B. On October 2, they reported a story based on an interview of Barry Feltman, the Connecticut Conference of Catholic Bishop's spokesperson on this issue. It's very revealing, in particular, Barry stated that the medical sources consulted by the bishops to formulate their response to the Plan B legislation were at best "confidential" and worst, paid employees of the catholic hospitals.

The Connecticut House "Republicans" issued a press release last week praising the bishop's ultimate decision, but lambasting their process. Good luck to Dave Reynolds of the Connecticut Catholic Conference on getting cooperation with any legislation in the future. So, not only did the Bishops loose their shirt, pants, the whole wardrobe, on this issue. Because of their erratic, unprofessional behavior, they have nearly guaranteed that issues important to the church and faithful catholics in Connecticut will be ignored in the future. Nice.

Did I mention that I don't blame the bishops entirely for this extremely embarrasing debacle. If faithful catholics (including the alternative national press) put this level of pressure on the Connecticut legislature and the bishops before the legislation passed, then we wouldn't be having this moment. Take a look at how simply this legislative proposal was defeated in 2006. Jim Papillo sacrificed reappointment as the State's victim's advocate to kill this legislation last year before it even made it out of committee. I've linked to his testimony above, and provided a snipit below of his slicing and dicing of Chris Murphy at the Committee Hearing, exposing their anti-catholic agenda.
PAPILLO: Well, I can say this. In the six-plus years that I've been the State Victim Advocate, I've had not one call from a rape victim complaining about the issue that's being addressed here, number one.
I don't even know if he was interested, but the guy would have made a great executive director for the CT Catholic Conference. The position has been vacant for over a year.


Linda said...

Thanks for a great article. I found a link to it over at crisis magazine. I'll be linking to it at chastity reVisited too.

I am lifting Bishop Lori, and all the Bishops, up in prayer, especially at the Elevation. Lord have mercy.

Something has gone very wrong- this is the same Bishop that brought us the incredible, life-changing TOB Conference a few years ago- the same Bishop I saw march to the abortuary in Bridgeport. What the heck happened?!

She Said said...

Thank you for your comment. If you like this one, I think you will really like my post on Bishop Lori's sponsorship of National NFP Week, I too am surprised that Bishop Lori would agree to this retreat from Catholic teaching. Surely he must understand the impact that Plan B has on our culture.

James said...

This brings up an additional important issue.

What about our allies in the legislature? What about the representatives and senators who cast unpopular votes in favor of freedom of religion?

What does this do when they go to run campaigns next November? Moreover, what happens the next time the Catholic Church needs friends in the legislature to protect it from negative legislation?

This is not an idle concern and it's something I'm very close to. Those who supported the church are beside themselves. Now they are going to get pummeled by all the CT liberals in '08. They will be out of their jobs and the Church will have few if any friends left in the legislature.

What happens then on gay marriage an all the other nonsense that the liberals want to enact?

Before this came out story had it that there was a chair on Madison Avenue waiting for His Excellency. Now, my sources tell me that he won't be going there any time soon- and that it is because of this. How sad this charade has been- it is a story that is truly pathetic- in the most Greek sense possible.

She Said said...

rightly noted James. We are blown-out-of-the-water at the Capital for the foreseeable future.

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